LG Developing Way of Boosting OLED TV Brightness to 1,200 Nits

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Image: LG

OLED TVs blow away other display technologies on just about every level aside from peak nits, but LG’s engineers have reportedly found a way to narrow the gap with a new technology that could lead to higher brightness levels. As explained in a new report from local outlet The Elec, LG is toying with adding a micro lens to its OLED panels, something that can adjust the light path in a way that enables substantially greater brightness than what its current TVs are capable of. LG’s upcoming OLED.EX panels have been estimated to deliver brightness levels of 1,000 nits, but this development could raise that number to 1,200 nits—a number that still doesn’t quite match LED (+2,000 nits) but one that’s sure to improve the HDR viewing experience.

Image: LG

From the second quarter of this year, LG Display plans to apply the ‘OLED.EX’ technology, which increases the luminance by 30% compared to the previous one, to all large OLED models. If a micro lens is added to the panel to which OLED.EX technology is applied, the luminance can be increased by 50% or more. Micro lenses are likely to be applied as early as this year.

The maximum luminance of LG Display’s existing large OLED was 800 nits. The maximum luminance of OLED.EX is estimated to be 1000 nits, which is 30% higher than this. By adding a micro lens, the maximum luminance can be raised to 1200 nits.

Source: The Elec (via FlatPanelsHD)

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