Apple Workers Unhappy About Having to Return to the Office, Ready to Quit

Image: Apple

Apple workers had the privilege of working at home for a period of time due to the pandemic, but that luxury began coming to an end last month when Tim Cook and company ordered employees to return to the office for at least one day a week as part of a hybrid work plan, one that will increase to three days later this month. Results of a survey conducted by anonymous social network Blind have revealed that many Apple employees are unhappy with having to return to the office, some of whom have already decided to quit to avoid shuffling back into their corporate cubicles. Blind’s survey collected answers from 652 workers, 56% of which claim they are looking for other jobs due to not being able to work in their pajamas anymore.

A worker employed by Apple for only a few weeks posted to Blind in March that they are hesitant to ever go to the office, even for a short period of time. The worker added, “I quit lol, can I put apple on my resume if I was only there 3 weeks hahaahahaha.”

Another Apple employee stated in a Blind post in March that they’re quitting due to COVID infections at the office, toxic company culture, and a lack of work/life balance. Blind’s users are “overwhelmingly corporate workers in engineering or product roles,” according to Rick Chen, director of public relations at Blind.

Source: Fortune

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