GALAX Responds to Complaints of Selling Refurbished Graphics Cards to Customers

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Image: GALAX

GALAX has responded to complaints of it selling refurbished products as new to customers. One has posted an image of a GALAX RTX 3070 Ti Metal Master OC they had purchased, claiming the gold contacts appeared worn and how there were black marks on the card. GALAX says these are due to extensive internal testing, and the card is brand new. It warned people against making false claims, and that it could take legal action against those who do.

Image: IT Home

In response to the recent complaints about the abnormal golden finger of our GALAXY brand graphics card products, our company attaches great importance to it, and has coordinated with each responsible department to issue a product test report. The results show that the product belongs to our company’s brand new original graphics card.

The full-featured test of the graphics card product before shipment may cause the product gold finger to wear , so we apologize for the user who misunderstands the product gold finger scratches and appearance color. We are always honest with our users, and we never let up on our products. “Professionalism, Concentration, Respect” is the belief that the GALAXY brand has always adhered to.

After in-depth self-examination and self-examination, we will continue to strengthen the quality control standards of the factory production line . In addition, our company solemnly promises that all product lines produced by our company are not refurbished or recharged , and all the GALAXY products sold by agents and merchants in regular channels fully enjoy all the after-sales service and quality assurance of GALAXY official authentic products.

If users want to consult and understand the purchase channels of GALAXY products, they can call the official customer service number of GALAXY: 4007003933. We are willing to accept the guidance and supervision of regulatory authorities, media and consumers.

Finally, we also want to solemnly remind that the Internet is not a place outside the law, and GALAXY reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility for false remarks and continuous fabrication and dissemination of false news.

Thank you for your attention and support to GALAXY!

Source: IT Home (via Tom’s Hardware)

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