AUO Teases New Gaming Monitor and Notebook Displays with 480 Hz Refresh Rate

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Image: AUO

AU Optronics has shared a new video that teases some of the manufacturer’s upcoming premium LCD display technologies. Among them is a 24-inch TN gaming monitor display and 16-inch gaming notebook display, both of which feature a native 1080p resolution and blazing-fast refresh rates of up to 480 Hz. This specification is quite a bit higher than what’s available on the shelves today, the fastest of which peak at 240 or 360 Hz. AUO hasn’t confirmed when these will hit the market, but it might want to get them out sooner rather than later, as other companies have already begun teasing displays with even more ridiculous refresh rates of up to 500 Hz.

AUO’s AmLED proprietary dynamic adjustment technology delivers top-notch specifications like high brightness, contrast ratio, high refresh rate, and high color volume, promising an unprecedented, delicate visual experience, which has become the top choice for professional gamers or audio-video image creators

When AmLED display is applied to the smart automotive sector, it delivers satisfactory performance on the presentation of traffic information, in-vehicle entertainment, which meets consumers’ demands for perfectly detailed visuals in areas of work, entertainment and transportation.

Source: AUO

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