Phanteks Announces AMP 1000 White Edition Power Supply

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Image: Phanteks

Phanteks has announced a white version of its modular AMP 1000 power supply. It is 80 PLUS Gold certified, Revolt PRO certified (it can be paired with another Revolt PRO power supply for redundancy or added power), and features hybrid fan control for lower noise levels. The PSU will be available this month for $159.99.

Power Expansion

Connecting a secondary power supply to the Revolt PRO unlocks all the power output from both power supplies to the system. Enabling even more powerful systems or upgrades in the future.

Power Redundancy

The Revolt PRO can protect your data from a power supply or power source failure when connected with a secondary powersupply. Power is automatically regulated by the Revolt PRO through the 24 and 8pin cables between the power supplies to keep your data safe and the system running normally.

Press Release

Phanteks welcomes the all-white 1000W power supply to the AMP Series, an ultra-high
efficiency, 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supply that is perfectly capable of driving high-end systems with new-gen power-hungry GPUs. The power supply provides high efficient 1000 wattages in a 140mm housing for a compact design and comes with modular, white, flat power cables to make installation easy and clean. The AMP series features a Hybrid Silent Fan Control that achieves optimal cooling with temperature-controlled fan speed and fan-less mode for silent performance. The AMP series is also Revolt Pro-Link certified to provide 100% compatibility, reliability, and stability to work directly with the Revolt Pro expandable PSU allowing you to increase your power output.

Power your system with the new AMP series power supplies and stay worry-free with the 10-year warranty.

Pricing and Availability: – May 2022
AMP 1000W 80 PLUS GOLD White Edition: May 2022 €159.90 / $159.99

Source: Phanteks

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