Silent Hill: Alleged Images of New Installment Leaked, Prompting Takedown Requests by Konami

Image: Double Helix Games

A new Silent Hill game is definitely around the corner, according to reputable games leaker AestheticGamer (previously known as Dusk Golem), who shared a series of images to their Twitter account yesterday for what has been alleged to be a new installment of Konami’s dormant horror franchise. The images include a shot of a female’s face, who is presumably one of the characters in the new game, if not the main protagonist, including other stills that show off some run-down environments and another that is seemingly signed by the series’ original monster designer and art director himself, Masahiro Ito. All of the images have since been taken down following a DMCA notice that reportedly originated from Konami. This could be the Silent Hill game that The Medium developer Bloober Team has been rumored to be involved with; Bloober confirmed last year that it is working on an existing horror IP.

As well as the use of the word ‘minger’ in one image, graffiti on one wall seemingly paraphrases “he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”, a line from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian. Both terms suggest that if this is indeed a new Silent Hill game, it may have a British influence.

When sharing the screens, AestheticGamer wrote: “There’s a lot I’m not sharing for now. This is from a relatively new source for me, but I have been given more than enough proof to believe them. I also will mention the names ‘Anita & Maya’, ‘SMS Messages’, and this is not the only Silent Hill game in development.

“The shots are a bit dated, from 2020, so maybe this project looks a bit different now. But [this is] what I’m choosing to share. I know many will doubt this, but I have a lot of private proof to show this is real, and as always I continue to wait on the Silent Hill game reveal.”

Source: AestheticGamer (via VGC)

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