CyberLink Launches PowerDVD 22 for Blu-Ray, DVD, 4K HDR, and YouTube Playback

Image: CyberLink

CyberLink has launched PowerDVD 22, the latest version of what the multimedia software and AI facial recognition company claims is the world’s number one Blu-ray and media player. Some of the new additions that PowerDVD users will find in the update for playback of 8K videos, 4K HDR Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and more include a new audio algorithm that maintains pitch during slow-speed playback, tools for trimming and extracting video for conversion into smartphone-friendly formats, and TrueTheater enhancements for improving the quality of YouTube videos. PowerDVD 22 is available now in Ultra ($99.99), 365 ($54.99 annual subscription), and Standard ($59.99) versions for new users, the latter of which seems to lack support for playback of Ultra HD and standard Blu-ray discs, among other formats.

“Recognized as the world’s number one movie and media player, PowerDVD has a long innovation history, pioneering multimedia features over and again, to the joy of our millions of users,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “In addition to new playback tuning options and an even friendlier user interface, we are happy to announce that PowerDVD 22 also adds exciting features to let users take complete control of their media, movies, and YouTube content experience.”

PowerDVD 22 builds on CyberLink’s pioneering media technology by offering exciting new features that offer users more control and customization options. Users can tailor their experience to match their preferences, for example, deeper colors, better lighting, and enhanced audio, such as high-fidelity 7.1 surround sound.

PowerDVD 22 includes a new keep pitch algorithm that maintains audio quality at the highest level during slow-speed playback, ideal for honing in on a video’s most intricate details without a distorted soundtrack. PowerDVD 22 optimizes playback between devices. New tools allow users to trim and extract any section of their media’s video or audio and convert them into smartphone-friendly formats. This includes MP4 for video and AAC or MP3 for audio. PowerDVD 22 also boasts faster transcode and uploading times, faster playback, and thumbnail generation on any part of the play bar for easy media skimming.

Enjoy YouTube like never before with PowerDVD 22. Next-generation TrueTheater® enhancements enrich YouTube videos with deeper colors, better lighting, and enhanced audio, no matter the original’s resolution – even 4K. Enjoy all-new matched playback speed controls, the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe within PowerDVD, and search capabilities by both channels and playlists.

PowerDVD 22 provides an unparalleled playback experience. New additions include a specialized home function that lets users instantly access their currently played, recently played, and recently added media – all in one place. The program emphasizes precision controls, fast playback, and a lightning-quick response when streaming or watching YouTube. Users can enjoy convenient search functions and filters, including separated music, movie and photo playlists, the ability to access YouTube videos directly with an URL, and an integrated media manager which automatically organizes an entire library of photos, videos, music, and Blu-ray/DVD movies.

Source: Cyberlink

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