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Netflix is thinking about bolstering its current catalog of movies, TV shows, and games with live streamed shows, according to a report shared by Deadline this week. The concept of live content in itself is nothing new, particularly in light of popular platforms that include YouTube and Twitch, but the development reportedly means that Netflix subscribers will be able to directly take part in some of the streamer’s unscripted shows, stand-up specials, and other such material via mechanisms that include live voting for competitions and similar content. Deadline reports that none of Netflix’s plans for live streaming will cover sports, however.

It plans to roll out the capability, which Netflix confirmed was in the early stages of development, for its swathe of unscripted shows and stand-up specials.

It would mean that Netflix would be able to use it for live voting for competition series and talent contests such as its upcoming dance competition series Dance 100 from The Circle producer Studio Lambert.

Other options include for live reunions for shows such as Selling Sunset, which just aired a reunion special for its fifth season.

The move opens up the potential to order a whole new raft of unscripted series to use the technology, bringing it in to line with the linear networks, which often air live specials for big competition series such as ABC’s American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, which is moving to Disney+.

Source: Deadline

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  1. So doing the exact thing why people moved away from cable to netflix. Great plan, what galaxy brain came up with this? And of course not sports, where live streaming actually makes sense. LOL

    I thought blizzard's diversity tool might be the stupidest idea of the week, but now I'm not so sure.

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