Audi’s New Headlights Can Project Video Games

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Image: Audi

Audi has shared an article detailing the new Digital Matrix LED headlight technology featured in the automaker’s Audi A6 e-tron concept vehicle, and it includes an interesting perk for gamers. As demonstrated by UK-based online marketplace Carwow in a new video, Audi’s “light-based gamification” feature allows users to project video games onto a surface using its advanced headlights, effectively turning the front of the car into a very unique and expensive type of video projector. Other functions of Audi’s new LED headlights include advanced traffic information, a lane light with direction indicator lights on highways, and an orientation light on country roads. They are complemented by equally modern rear taillights that leverage OLED technology.

The concept car Audi A6 e-tron concept offers a look at light-based gamification. What does that mean exactly? The progressive Digital Matrix LED headlights project video games on the ground or a wall in front of the car, which allows customers to play while the car is charging. Games that are controlled via a personal mobile terminal device can be used in conjunction with car headlights, which become projectors for video games on smartphones. Opportunities to continuously increase the range of offerings available to customers are constantly under review. That includes the idea of integrating content from movie and game providers in the future.

Source: Audi (via carwow)

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