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Thermaltake has announced a new premium gaming chair called the ARGENT E700. Designed in collaboration with Austrian-based design agency Studio F. A. Porsche, the chair features genuine black leather, an aluminum and metal frame, gloss UV coating, and a sleek, modern design, but only users with deeper pockets will gain the privilege of sitting in one—Thermaltake has priced its ARGENT E700 for $1,299, according to early listings spotted at various retailers. Thermaltake’s ARGENT E700 is available in a range of colors that include Flaming Orange, Racing Green, and Sanga Yellow. It has already garnered acclaim in the form of a reddot award.

The ARGENT E700 introduces a highly ergonomic synchro-tilt-mechanism with diverse adjustment options that perfectly supports the user’s body. All functions are cleverly integrated into a unique design. High-quality materials such as genuine leather and finely processed aluminum parts offer the player maximum comfort and style. The ARGENT E700 combines the best of both worlds – the aesthetics of a racing bucket seat with the functionality and elegance of a modern lounge or office chair.

Source: Thermaltake (via Tom’s Hardware)

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  1. Nothing but the finest materials possible...except for the casters. F*** spending money on good casters. These cheaply made chinese pieces of poo will buckle under the slightest of weight and leave you scratching the ever living crap out of your hard wood floor in no time.
  2. Wouldn't that leather wrap around chair trap heat in like nobodies business? If I'm dropping 1k+ on a chair it wouldn't be this.
    I don't find most leather to be this way - depending on what's underneath it. Memory foam is horrible for trapping heat, and seems to be everywhere these days.

    Vinyl is the worst by far, but I've sat on a lot of poly upholstered stuff that was worse to me than natural leather.
  3. The thing is,

    I don't understand why anyone would want a bucket seat unless they expected to encounter lateral G's.

    If you are encountering these at your desk, there is something very strange going on.

    I don't think anyone has ever chosen a bucket seat because it was "comfortable".

    I've never spent more than $350 on a chair (which is what I got my used Aeron Chair for, and I can't picture myself doing so (outside of inflation adjustments) but I certainly wouldn't get anything like this junk.

    The truth is, the best "gaming chair" is a good office chair. Everything else is just foolish aesthetics.
  4. I don't understand why anyone would want a bucket seat unless they expected to encounter lateral G's.
    Man there are some fast-paced racing and flight games out there, and good gawd the G forces I experience at my desk when playing these games are insane! It's gotten so extreme that I had a 5-point racing harness installed as well, and started wearing a helmet.

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