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AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su’s Computex 2022 keynote is now available for viewing, offering official insight on red team’s next-generation platform and desktop processors. Su confirmed during the event that Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs will boast more than a 15% increase in single-threaded performance and boost clocks of over 5 GHz, echoing recent leaks, while David McAfee (Corporate Vice President and GM, Desktop PC) shared some equally exciting details regarding the AM5 platform, such as its DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support, compatibility with Socket AM4 coolers, and up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes for storage and graphics. The keynote ends with Su demonstrating gameplay of Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo with a Ryzen 7000 Series processor running at an impressive 5.5 GHz. AMD did not share exact dates of availability for its new chips and motherboards, but the company has promised that they will be out this fall.


“Zen 4” Core Architecture

  • 2x 1 MB per core L2 cache
  • 15% single-thread uplift
  • 5 GHz+ max boost
  • Expanded Instructions for hardware-accelerated AI workloads

Socket AM5 Infrastructure

  • 1718-pin LGA socket
  • Native support for up to 170 W
  • DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 Support
  • Compatible with Socket AM4 coolers

Socket AM5 Total Platform I/O

  • 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes for storage and graphics
  • Up to 14 SuperSpeed USB with 20 Gbps and Type-C
  • 6E Wi-Fi Support with DBS and BT LE 5.2
  • Up to 4 HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2 Ports

AM5 Chipsets

  • X670E Extreme
  • Unparalleled capability
  • Extreme overclocking
  • PCIe 5.0 everywhere


  • Enthusiast Overclocking
  • PCIe 5.0 storage and graphics


  • Mainstream price points
  • PCIe 5.0 storage

AMD announced that Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will once again keynote at COMPUTEX 2022, leading the COMPUTEX CEO Keynote series to open the conference. With the keynote theme “AMD Advancing the High-Performance Computing Experience,” Dr. Su will share the company’s vision to advance the PC experience through next generation mobile and desktop PC innovations.

Source: AMD

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  1. Didn't watch the video but interesting read. Will be curious to see the price overlap and performance comparison of like manufscturerers x670e and normal x670 motherboards.
  2. All this clockspeed chasing sure does feel like netburst all over again. Just keep cranking up the clockspeed, driving up power usage and temps, for minimal gains.

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