Apple Ships 79-Pound Repair Kit to Fix 1.1-Ounce iPhone Battery

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Image: The Verge

Anyone thinking about using Apple’s self service repair for their iPhone Mini may want to examine their options more carefully, as The Verge’s Sean Hollister was shipped a 79-pound repair kit to fix his phone’s 1.1-ounce battery after reaching out to the company. Additionally, while Apple only charges $69 to replace the battery, the cost for self service repair can run over $1,300 due to rental authorization charges. The 79-pound kit includes tools, a repair manual, an industrial heat press, and the relevant replacement parts. Note the phone at the bottom of the second image for size comparison. Hollister even needed to contact Apple to validate the new battery via Wi-Fi and remote access.

Image: The Verge
Image: The Verge

The thing you should understand about Apple’s home repair process is that it’s a far cry from traditional DIY if you opt for the kit — which I did, once I saw the repair manual only contains instructions for Apple’s own tools. (You can just buy a battery if you want.)

I expected Apple would send me a small box of screwdrivers, spudgers, and pliers; I own a mini iPhone, after all. Instead, I found two giant Pelican cases — 79 pounds of tools — on my front porch. I couldn’t believe just how big and heavy they were considering Apple’s paying to ship them both ways.

Source: The Verge

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