AMD Issues Correction for Socket AM5 Power Specs: 230-Watt Peak Power, 170-Watt TDP

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Image: AMD

During this week’s Computex 2022 event, AMD shared many exciting details regarding its new AM5 platform and X670E/X670/B650 chipsets for driving the next generation of Ryzen processors. Among the information that was disclosed included the power specifications for Socket AM5, but apparently, red team made a mistake when it had claimed that it would have a 170-watt Package Power Tracking (PPT) limit. A statement received by Tom’s Hardware can now confirm that number was an error and that the peak power consumption for the AM5 socket is actually 230 watts, a notable increase over the previous 142-watt limit, one that alludes to Ryzen 7000 Series desktop processors that feature TDPs as high as 170 watts. The current Ryzen assortment tops out at a 105-watt TDP (e.g., Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 7 5800X3D).

Image: AMD

AMD would like to issue a correction to the socket power and TDP limits of the upcoming AMD Socket AM5. AMD Socket AM5 supports up to a 170W TDP with a PPT up to 230W. TDP*1.35 is the standard calculation for TDP v. PPT for AMD sockets in the “Zen” era, and the new 170W TDP group is no exception (170*1.35=229.5).

This new TDP group will enable considerably more compute performance for high core count CPUs in heavy compute workloads, which will sit alongside the 65W and 105W TDP groups that Ryzen is known for today. AMD takes great pride in providing the enthusiast community with transparent and forthright product capabilities, and we want to take this opportunity to apologize for our error and any subsequent confusion we may have caused on this topic.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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