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A new Linux patch discovered by @Kepler_L2 has seemingly confirmed that at least some of AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX 7000 Series graphics cards will boast support for the latest version of DisplayPort and its maximum transmission mode. “UHBR20” is listed various times in the patch notes that spell out some of the planned changes for Display Core Next, an indication that red team’s new RDNA 3-powered graphics solutions for gamers can take advantage of bandwidths as high as 80 Gbps (20 Gbits/s per lane). This level of bandwidth enables exciting display capabilities that include uncompressed 8K 60 Hz HDR, 4K 240 Hz HDR, and two 4K 120 Hz HDR or four 4K 60 Hz HDR displays through a single cable, as noted by VESA in its recent article regarding the certification of the first DisplayPort 2.0 video source and sink devices.


The launch of DisplayPort 2 monitors has been repeatedly delayed. In January last year, VESA has confirmed that such products should appear by the end of the 2021, which has not happened. However, such monitors are likely still under active development awaiting the launch of DP2 output capable devices. The introduction of Radeon RX 7000 series could be a good starting point.

Source: (via Kepler, VideoCardz)

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