World’s Smallest ATX PSU Is Barely Bigger than an iPhone


HDPLEX has launched its passive GaN AIO ATX Power Supply, a relatively tiny PSU that the company claims is the world’s smallest ATX PSU using gallium nitride technology. Images shared by HDPLEX can confirm its diminutive size, with one demonstrating how it isn’t too much bigger than one of Apple’s popular iPhone models. Users will find a fully passive design, aluminum alloy body for taming temperatures, support for both modular ATX output and sync with a second unit with the help of an included sync cable, and more. HDPLEX’s passive GaN AIO ATX Power Supply will reportedly be available in the coming weeks.


We’re partial to Seasonic’s power supplies but 600W units – or even 450W units – are overkill for most fanless builds. HDPLEX launches this 250W fully passive PSU using reliable and highly-efficient GaN (Gallium Nitride) components. The compact 170 x 50 x 25mm PSU achieves 94% efficiency at full load and can be synchronized with a second unit for a 500W PSU if needed.

Source: HDPLEX (FanlessTech)

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