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New rumors pertaining to Intel’s next-generation processors have been shared on Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili by Enthusiastic Citizen. According to the reputable leaker who is now going by “ECSM_Official,” Intel plans to release its 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” desktop processors in October, while “Sapphire Rapids,” the company’s new HEDT CPUs, are also “very likely” to be released during that same month despite an alleged delay. Enthusiastic Citizen goes on to claim that red team will launch its first Ryzen 7000 Series processors “around August,” meaning that AMD fans might be the first to reap the exciting benefits promised by the next generation of hardware. Lower-ended motherboards and chipsets that include the H770, B760, B650E, and B650 will be released after their premium counterparts.

Image: ECSM_Official

Notably, [Intel’s HEDT] will not be marketed as Core-X series but rather Xeon W3400/2400 so probably targeting the same consumer space as Threadripper PRO. The incentive to offer high core count CPUs with increased power and connectivity options is slowly fading away as the mainstream series get more cores and even more advanced motherboards.

It is said that 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake would appear in October with support for existing motherboards but also for the new high-end Z790 platform. The rumor alleges that there will be new 700 motherboard series including H770 and B760 series launching next year. A very similar launch schedule was adopted for 12th Gen Core series, therefore, one could guess that K-series CPUs will be among the first to launch.

Source: Bilibili (via VideoCardz)

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