LG Unveils 65-Inch Star Wars C2 OLED TV with the Sound of Darth Vader

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Image: LG

LG has partnered with Lucasfilm to launch a limited-edition variant of its $2,299 C2 65-inch evo OLED TV that’s inspired by the Star Wars franchise and one of cinema’s most recognizable villains, Darth Vader. Only 501 units are planned for production (in reference to the 501st Legion, the elite battalion of Storm Troopers under Vader’s command), but fans who are lucky enough to get their hands on one can expect a unique item with “Star Wars inspired UI, aesthetics, packaging, and gallery of Star Wars content.” These include an Imperial crest on the rear panel, a Star Wars-branded LG remote with red LED lighting on the side, and a custom menu cursor in the form of a lightsaber. Users will even be able to hear the sound of Darth Vader’s iconic breathing when they switch the TV on. LG has confirmed that its Star Wars-themed OLED C2 TV will be available through its online store, with specific availability details coming at a later date.

The remote has a lightsaber-esque design with red accented lighting, and a galactic Star Wars logo. Besides the packaging, on the OLED evo itself, the Galactic Empire’s insignia is engraved prominently on the back, and you can hear the sound of Darth Vader’s breathing when you turn the TV on.

Certain LG TVs feature a Gallery Mode that turns your TV into a canvas by displaying paintings and artwork when you’re not watching any shows. This special-edition model has a Gallery Mode with two collections of Star Wars conceptual designs, storyboards, illustrations, and original art.

The first collection is The Conceptual Designs, with original storyboards from A New Hope and the duel from Return of the Jedi. The second collection is titled The Journey of Darth Vader, which features classic movie posters and Vader scenes from throughout the series, including his fight against Luke in Empire Strikes Back.

Source: LG (via Rolling Stone)

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