Artwork from Daybreak Games’ Canceled Marvel MMO Appear Online

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Image: Ramiro Galan

Enad Global 7 (EG7) shared a press release last week revealing that it had canceled Daybreak Games’ Marvel MMORPG. Artwork relating to the terminated project have now appeared online courtesy of Ramiro Galan, a principal designer at Pixelkings, who shared a collection of artwork to his portfolio on ArtStation that offers a glimpse at how the game might have turned out. The images grant a look at the artstyle of Marvel MMORPG, which was apparently going for a cartoony feel inspired by features such as Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, as well as the process that players might have gone through in designing their character. These include the typical trials of selecting a name, face, and costume, and, of course, being a Marvel property, the choosing of a superpower. EG7 had originally planned to invest more than SEK 500 million in the Marvel project over the next three years but will now allocate that money toward smaller projects and other opportunities.

Here is a series of styles and screens by Ramiro Galan for a cancelled Marvel MMO title. Emphasis was on rich and vibrant colors with stylistic tones that pay homage to Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse. All design, 3D materials, lighting, and post process FX were done by Ramiro Galan.

Source: ArtStation

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