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AGON by AOC has launched the AGON PRO AG274QS, a new 27-inch monitor with blazing-fast refresh rates. Users will find an IPS panel that supports refresh rates of up to 300 Hz, DisplayHDR 600, 1 ms GtG response time, and QHD resolution. This is more than twice as fast as the typical gaming monitor, many of which max out at 144 Hz. Other features of the AGON PRO AG274QS include a nearly bezel-less design, RGB effects, speakers with DTS sound, and a stand allowing for a range of height, tilt, and swivel adjustments, in addition to pivot orientation.

AGON PRO’s current models with Full HD, the 25” AG254FG (360 Hz) or the 27” AG274FZ (260 Hz) demonstrate beautifully how exceptional speed can be combined with high quality IPS panels and award-winning gamer-focussed designs. Now, with the 27” AG274QS, AGON by AOC brings sharper QHD resolution (2560×1440 pixels) up to breath-taking 300 Hz – one of the first QHD displays with such a high refresh rate on the market today.

By having more than twice the refresh rate of common 144 Hz gaming monitors, the AG274QS displays more frames each second, rendering the action with more fluidity and accuracy. Especially in FPS games where milliseconds matter, the quicker the user can see an opponent peeking around a corner, or the faster they can track opponents’ erratic movements in time, the swifter they can react and get the upper hand in competition.

Source: AGON

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  1. 300Hz with an IPS panel huh? I assumed it was some TN trash. Technology does indeed improve over time. Do we need 300Hz? That's a different story. Although having a VRR range that high will certainly help out with old games like UT3 where my framerate is a few hundred fps (I like playing the game with VSYNC off, feels best that way).

    Tell me again why the f*ck we have RGB lighting in monitors now (and I'm not talking about the panel's subpixel layout)?

    Built-in speakers huh? I don't see that too often, especially in recent years.

    Wonder what this thing is gonna cost.

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