SAPPHIRE Launches First AMD Radeon 6700 Series (Non-XT) Graphics Cards

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SAPPHIRE has updated its official website with the PULSE AMD Radeon 6700, a new midrange RDNA 2 option that’s notable for being the first in the segment to lack the XT designation. The graphics card features a range of specifications that differ from red team’s reference Radeon RX 6700 XT model, including 10 GB of GDDR6 memory (vs. 12 GB), a boost clock of up to 2,495 MHz (vs. 2,581 MHz), 2,304 Stream Processors (vs. 2,560), and 36 Ray Accelerators (vs. 40). These specifications make the PULSE AMD Radeon 6700 largely equivalent to the mobile Radeon RX 6700M. A separate model that lacks the PULSE brand with identical specifications has also been listed by SAPPHIRE.

Key specifications:

  • GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2495MHz
  • Memory: 10GB/160-bit DDR6. 16 Gbps Effective
  • Stream Processors: 2304
  • RDNA 2 Architecture
  • Ray Accelerators: 36

The SAPPHIRE PULSE AMD Radeon 6700 Graphics Card runs on the powerful Dual-X Cooling Technology coupled with Intelligent Fan Control to keep temperatures low and fan noise low. The refined PCB design delivers stable, reliable, and steady performance, which efficiently lowers PCB temperature and component signal noise.

Source: SAPPHIRE (1, 2)

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