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Wolfenstein: The New Order is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. Developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks, this is the the ninth installment and soft reboot of the Nazi-slaying Wolfenstein series, powered by id Software’s id Tech engine. Epic Games Store users have until next Thursday, June 9 at 11:00 a.m. EST to add the game to their library at no cost. Wolfenstein: The New Order normally costs $19.99. MachineGames’s current projects include a third Wolfenstein game and a new game based on Lucasfilm’s premier adventure franchise, Indiana Jones.

Developed by MachineGames, a studio comprised of a seasoned group of developers recognized for their work creating story-driven games, Wolfenstein offers a deep game narrative packed with action, adventure and first-person combat.

Intense, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id Software’s id Tech engine, Wolfenstein sends players across Europe on a personal mission to bring down the Nazi war machine. With the help of a small group of resistance fighters, infiltrate their most heavily guarded facilities, battle high-tech Nazi legions, and take control of super-weapons that have conquered the earth – and beyond.

Source: Epic Games Store

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