Intel Rumors: Jim Keller’s New Architecture to Debut with 15th Gen Core “Arrow Lake” CPUs, 14th Gen Core “Meteor Lake” Processors to Require New LGA 2551 Socket

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Moore’s Law Is Dead has resurfaced with a new video that claims to offer extensive insight on Intel’s upcoming generations of Core processors codenamed Raptor Lake (13th Gen), Meteor Lake (14th Gen), Arrow Lake (15th Gen), and Lunar Lake (16th Gen). Among the more exciting details that the leaker has shared in his latest batch of slides is the claim that some of the new designs that renowned CPU engineer Jim Keller has been working on as part of the rumored “Royal Core” project may initially debut with 15th Gen Core processors in the form of the Lion Cove architecture. “Massive” double-digit IPC increases are expected with this generation of chips. Intel’s 13th Gen Core Meteor Lake CPUs will come first, however, a platform that will require a new motherboard due to the introduction of a new and slightly larger socket called LGA 2551, according to additional details shared by Moore’s. Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake are slated for release in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Raptor Lake processors are expected later this year but will retain support for the current LGA 1700 socket.

[…] Lion Cove, longtime fans of the channel may remember, is one of the architect features I named as being connected to the fabled Royal Core Project under Jim Keller. And the funny thing is, to this day, even though it isn’t something Intel really has publicly acknowledged yet, Royal Cove, that name is mentioned to me by numerous sources, even some new ones I get to that this was the big project by Jim Keller.

Now, the funny thing is, this was initially told to me in reference to, actually, Lunar Lake and Nova Lake, but, actually, another lake that isn’t public yet, but it has been become more and more clear over time that Lion Cove was also being referenced as something called Arrow Lake. And I know a bit more information about it.

So I can’t say what state Lion Cove will be in once Arrow Lake finally launches years from now. But this is one that people should expect as a real big one. This is one of the first architectures to actually utilize something that was supposedly designed from the ground up by Jim Keller with many new features. And I have also been tipped off then that Arrow Lake uses a new Little Core architecture with massive changes over Crestmont as well.

Source: MILD

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