Sanitarium: DreamForge’s Psychological Horror Adventure Game Is Free on GOG

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Sanitarium is free to claim for limited time on GOG. Developed by DreamForge Intertainment and originally released in 1998, this is a psychological horror adventure game that centers around a man who’s admitted into an asylum following a car crash and must unravel the truth by adventuring through a series of otherworldly locations, including a circus, alien hive, and small town populated by malformed children. GOG users have until June 8, 2022, to claim the game and its bundled bonuses (i.e., manual, in-game soundtrack) and at no cost. Sanitarium can also be found on iOS and Android, having been ported by DotEmu in 2014.

Imagine a world created out of insanity – deformed children, ancient gods, ghosts from your past in the house inside of a water reflection. You are an asylum patient and you have just survived a car crash – the problem is you can’t remember anything. Visions reveal answers to some questions, but create even more riddles! Which part of it is true? What do all these things mean?

Sanitarium is one of the few psychological horror adventure games. As the protagonist you will visit five different worlds full of riddles and answers, with which you will have to figure out what exactly is happening and what is real. The story is so incredibly good and enthralling that it could easily drive a sane person mad.

Source: GOG

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