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Phanteks has announced its Eclipse G360A mid-tower ATX chassis. Available in black or white, it can fit up to a 280-mm-wide EATX motherboard and features a thin LED strip on the side window, 3x 120 mm D-RGB fans, and a DRGB controller. Up to seven fans or 360 mm radiators can be installed on the front or top of the case. There are multiple options for HDD and SSD installations, with the ability to vertically mount a GPU. The G360A will be available in June for $99.99.

Phanteks announced the new Eclipse G360A, an exceptional value chassis built on its
predecessor, the P360A and sets the bar even higher with more fan locations and 360 radiator support to meet next generation hardware cooling demand. The metal front panel features Phanteks’ Ultra-fine Performance Mesh design that combines high airflow performance with dust filtration, all-in-one. With its high-performance design, the G360A is ready for powerful gaming setups, offering 360 radiator options in the top and front while having plenty of space for full-length GPUs, multiple HDD and SSD locations, and a vertical GPU mounting option. Like all Phanteks lighting products, the integrated D-RGB lighting is simple to control with pre-programmed lighting effects and requires no software. Optionally, the D-RGB controller can be synchronized with compatible motherboards and expanded with more D-RGB products.

High performance design
Equipped with the Ultra-fine Mesh front panel, the G360 was designed to meet next gen cooling demands. It brings high-end cooling capabilities with 360 radiator support in the front and top of the chassis, 7 fan locations and plenty of clearance for large GPUs.

Great value yet capable
The Eclipse Series from Phanteks is known for offering a great value across its lineup. The G360A brings unique capabilities and features to house even the highest end gaming systems in a compact ATX mid-tower chassis.

Integrated lighting
Equipped with its own Digital-RGB controller, the Eclipse G360A makes lighting easy. It’s software-free with manual control and programmed with tasteful lighting effects out of the box. Three Digital-RGB 120mm fans are pre-installed and a LED strip is integrated along the tempered glass panel. Like all of Phanteks’ lighting products, the Digital-RGB controller can be expanded with more lighting products and/or synced with motherboards to allow for software control.

Source: Phanteks

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  1. Never have used a phanteks case but in first looks I don't identify any glaring issues.
    Me neither. I'm not in the market for a new case but it does seem to be a fairly sensible design.

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