Duke Nukem Movie in the Works from Cobra Kai Creators, Legendary Entertainment

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Image: Gearbox Software

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Legendary Entertainment is developing a movie based on 3D Realms’ classic first-person shooter franchise, Duke Nukem. Legendary will be producing the film alongside Counterbalance Entertainment’s Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, the trio behind Cobra Kai, the martial arts comedy-drama and follow-up to the Karate Kid films. Duke Nukem’s movie rights were picked up from Gearbox Software, which acquired the rights to the franchise over a decade ago in 2010, the same year that development on Duke Nukem Forever finally completed. A writer and director hasn’t been found for the project yet, but one of the Counterbalance team may take up directorial duties.

Launched with a self-titled debut in 1991 from Apogee Software, later called 3D Realms, Nukem is $1 billion video game franchise that began life as a platform game for personal computers. When the third game, Duke Nukem 3D, came out in 1996, it became not only a critical hit but one that helped usher in the ubiquity of first-person games for years to come. After laying low for years and stalled development, the franchise came back in 2011, after Gearbox acquired 3D Realms, with Duke Nukem Forever.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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