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Turn 10 Studios has shared an official trailer and gameplay demo for its next-generation Forza Motorsport game, one that will seemingly drop what was supposed to be a numerical eight in its title but greatly improve upon the graphics and gameplay made popular by its predecessors. Every track in the new racer has been built from the ground up for the latest generation of hardware, Turn 10 has noted, teasing some of the game’s new features that include overhauled physics, beautiful new cars and tracks, dynamic time of day, advanced car damage, and real-time ray tracing, all of which culminate toward a “generational leap in immersion.” Forza Motorsport launches in spring 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

We’ve completely overhauled the core driving experience to take advantage of the power of the Xbox Series consoles. This includes a 48 times improvement in the fidelity of our physics simulation. Based on your feedback, we’ve introduced new features like tire and fuel management, multiple tire compounds, and new in-depth car building to create the ultimate racing playset. This is all brought to life at the trackside pits, where advanced materials and shaders paired with ray tracing bring out incredible detail in the gold heat wrap, anodized aluminum, and carbon fiber. Ray tracing especially shines on engine bays with their complex self-reflection.

Source: Xbox Wire

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