Redfall: Arkane’s Vampire FPS Gets an Official Gameplay Reveal

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Image: Arkane Austin

Arkane Austin has shared the first gameplay footage for Redfall, a new co-op, open-world, story-driven first-person shooter that allows a group of friends to team together and take on vampires with a wide array of customizable gear and specialized vampire-hunting weaponry. Among the characters that players can pick from in Redfall include Layla Ellison (biomedical engineering student), Jacob Boyer (ex-military sharpshooter), Remi de la Rosa (combat engineer), and Devinder Crousley (cryptozoologist), all of whom feature unique character abilities that range from the supernatural to the scientific. Those who want to take on vampires alone also have the option of doing so, as Arkane has developed Redfall to be a great experience for both co-op and solo players. Redfall launches in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Redfall has everything you could want from a cooperative, story-driven FPS experience, plus everything Arkane fans have come to expect from the studio. An open world packed with mystery, a diverse roster of heroes to choose from, strategic combat that will keep you on your toes, painstakingly crafted environments, a rich narrative driving you through the world, a wide array of weapons… and vampires. A lot of vampires. Sneaky vampires that grab you and separate you from your team. Hulking vampires capable of tearing you and your team to pieces. Godlike vampires powerful enough to eclipse the sun. Arkane vampires.

Source: Xbox Wire

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