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Newegg has launched the Gaming PC Finder, an easy-to-use personalization tool that allows customers of the popular storefront to more easily find a computer that matches their favorite games and budget. Users simply have to select up to four games they enjoy playing and their desired resolution, upon which they will be taken to a subsequent page that offers a handful of appropriate builds targeting different frame rates (e.g., Enthusiast, up to 155 FPS). A longer list of pre-built gaming desktops that should meet the demands of the selected game and resolution may also be found by scrolling further down the site. Users can also enter their current CPU and GPU to to understand the benefits of upgrading.

“Shopping for a new gaming PC can be daunting with all the system options available and decisions required. We’re educating customers and minimizing challenges through a wealth of information to truly personalize the experience and give players exactly what they want,” said Oscar Wong, Senior Director, Product Management for Newegg. “The tool is simple and easy. All the necessary information is provided to enable customers to understand the decision process and select the PC that works best for them.”

“Every PC game player wants the best experience possible but may not have the expertise to determine the optimal components,” he added. “Gaming PC Finder was developed to empower and educate shoppers to understand which components and budgets are needed to power their favorite games.”

Image: Newegg

Gaming PC shoppers can now easily understand the needs, options and features of gaming PCs on the Newegg website for both direct and marketplace sales. To match customers with the gaming PC most compatible with their interests and budget, Gaming PC Finder asks users to indicate their monitor resolution and choose up to four of their preferred PC games from the most popular current games available. Based on customer selection, the tool provides suitable gaming PC recommendations.

Source: Newegg

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