Exoprimal: Capcom Confirms Dinosaur Game Has No Connection with Dino Crisis

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Capcom has confirmed that Exoprimal has nothing to do with Dino Crisis despite some obvious links to its classic and frustratingly absent survival horror game series. Speaking to IGN in a new interview earlier this week, director Takuro Hiraoka said that there was no connection between the franchises, an especially disappointing bit of news for Dino Crisis fans who watched Exoprimal’s announcement trailer and remembered seeing a red-haired character that looked suspiciously like Regina, protagonist of the first two games. The Dino Crisis franchise has been on ice since 2003’s Dino Crisis 3, which took the franchise into space but failed to win over critics. Capcom shared new details regarding Exoprimal during its showcase event this week, detailing some of the gameplay and Exosuits that players will be able to use to take down dinosaur hordes, including a closed network test scheduled for July. The game is headed to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam in 2023.

Since its announcement, it has been unclear what form Exoprimal will take, and even if it will be a free-to-play live service game. Speaking to IGN, producer Ichiro Kiyokawa made clear this was not the case, saying “Exoprimal is not free-to-play; it’s a full-priced release which will be available both on disc and digitally.”

In the spirit of putting speculation to bed, we also asked the game’s creators whether the new Capcom dnosaur game has any connection with the old Capcom dinosaur game, Dino Crsisi. Director Takuro Hiraoka was very clear: “No, the game is its own unique thing and has no relationship to Dino Crisis.”

Source: IGN

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