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GOG has begun hosting free copies of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut, a recreation and reimagining of the open-world RPG built on the Unity game engine with updated graphics, bug fixes, mod support, refined gameplay mechanics, and other additions that aim to improve upon Bethesda’s original 1996 classic. Fans of Daggerfall Unity are probably already familiar with the game’s relatively long-winded setup process, but the GOG Cut makes the process trivial, packaging everything in a way that only requires the title to be launched. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut weighs in at 5.5 GB (a somewhat of a surprising size for a decades-old game) and will presumably remain free indefinitely through the DRM-free platform. The original version of Daggerfall also remains available for no cost via Steam and GOG.

This ambitious project, launched over a decade ago by Gavin “Interkarma” Clayton, is aiming to bring the unique experience of the classic open-world RPG game to a new generation of gamers. Thanks to the efforts of the GamerZakh, a gaming content creator with a love for classics, you can now enjoy a special GOG Cut of the Daggerfall Unity title.

All you have to do is download the game and simply launch it. The GOG Cut of Daggerfall Unity doesn’t require any special actions or updates on your behalf. Thanks to settings and mods that were selected by GamerZakh you can explore the rich world of Daggerfall with enhanced visuals and gameplay.

Source: GOG

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