TSMC Will Make Ultra-Advanced 2-Nanometer Chips by 2025

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Image: TSMC

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has confirmed that it will begin production of 2-nanometer chips by 2025, an ultra-advanced process that is expected to usher in a new generation of processors boasting serious improvements in power and efficiency. The world’s most valuable semiconductor company revealed the news during an in-person tech symposium on Thursday in the U.S., one in which the company shared numerous major technologies that include FINFLEX for N3 and N3E, N2, N6e, and 3DFabric 3D silicon stacking solutions in the form of TSMC-SoIC. TSMC’s N2 manufacturing technology will be the first to use gate-all-around field-effect transistors (GAAFETs), nanosheet transistors enabling what is expected to be up to 15% higher performance at the same power.

N2 vs N3EN3E vs N5N5N5 vs N7
Speed Improvement @ Same Power10% – 15%+18%+10% – 15%+15%
Power Reduction @ Same Speed-23% – -30%-34%-25% – -30%-30%
Chip Density>1.1X1.3X??
HVM StartH2 2025Q2/Q3 2023H2 2022Q2 2022
Source: Tom’s Hardware
Image: TSMC

This is the first time TSMC has specifically pinned down a schedule for its 2nm chip production. The chipmaking titan currently is gearing up to introduce the 3nm chip production technology in the second half of this year. The key production site is in the southern Taiwan city of Tainan.

TSMC’s announcement comes as its major industry competitors have laid out similar roadmaps. Samsung says it will begin producing 2nm chips by 2025, while Intel is aiming to manufacture even more advanced chips by late 2024. Japan is also said to be working with the U.S. on 2nm chip technology manufacturing, to be deployed by 2025.

Sources: Nikkei Asia, Tom’s Hardware

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