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Xbox has secured a Daytime Emmy for its work on Power On: The Story of Xbox, a six-part documentary series that debuted on YouTube last year to trace the 20-year history of Microsoft’s now-ubiquitous gaming brand, which originated with the first-generation Xbox console in 2001. Microsoft’s win was confirmed by the official Daytime Emmys Twitter account yesterday, which tweeted last night about how Power On: The Story of Xbox won the award for Outstanding Single Camera Editing, an honor that’s reserved for excellent camera work. Power On: The Story of Xbox comprises six lengthy chapters and can be watched for free on a number of services, including YouTube, The Roku Channel, and IMDbTV. One of the more notable episodes is “The Red Ring of Death,” a chapter relating to major hardware failures in the Xbox 360 that prompted Microsoft to extend the warranties for earlier generations of the console.

“The project began almost three years ago with a simple question: is there a compelling story behind the history of Xbox?” asked head of programming for Xbox, Tina Summerford, during the 20th-anniversary stream last year.

“The answer, it turns out, was yes, absolutely. So we partnered with an Emmy award-winning documentary film team to really dig in and help bring the story to life.

“At its core it’s a story about how Xbox started as a passion project from a small group of gamers within Microsoft and grew to become a source of joy for Xbox players around the world.”

Source: Daytime Emmys (via VGC)

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