Artesian Builds Puts Thousands of PC Parts Up for Auction Following Bankruptcy

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Custom PC builder Artesian Builds has put thousands of PC parts up for auction following its decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California earlier this year, the documents of which have since revealed an estimated $1.37 million in unfulfilled orders at the company, among other liabilities. The auctioned parts being sold tomorrow via Zoom include large quantities of motherboards, CPUs, RAM kits, graphics cards, partially built PCs, and more, although the majority of PC builders will likely be priced out, as everything is being sold in bulk as part of two lots that require bids made in $5,000 increments or more. Motherboards comprise the majority of the hardware to be auctioned off by Artesian Builds, with 346 units listed, followed by 413 cases and 360 CPUs. The PC builder shut down in March this year after a wave of refunds following a controversy in which the company reportedly denied a Twitch streamer a sweepstakes prize due to the size of her following on the popular video platform. Other critics have blamed poor long-term mismanagement for Artesian Builds’ demise.

Artesian Builds is said to have held onto around $917,595 worth of inventory at the time of its closure, so you’d expect large sums of money to exchange hands at the auction for the leftover goods.

An ex-employee told us at the time that there are at least “hundreds” of outstanding gaming PC orders. Some customers also reported that they were having little luck in remunerations from the company, including one customer whose son had ordered a $5,100 PC in December 2021. They ended up filing a dispute with their credit card company and buying a PC elsewhere, as reportedly so did other customers in the Artesian Builds Discord server.

Source: Artesian Builds (via PC Gamer)

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