Ghost of Tsushima Developer Is Hiring Designers for a New Open-World Combat and Stealth Game

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Image: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Productions has posted two new job ads on its official website, stirring speculation that the Ghost of Tsushima developer is working on a sequel to its critically acclaimed and best-selling samurai action-adventure game. The studio is seeking both a Technical Combat Designer and Senior Combat Designer with experience in melee combat systems, parry timing, and progression and investment systems, gameplay elements that would seem perfectly fitting for a potential follow-up to Jin Sakai’s original open-world adventure. A job listing for an Encounter Designer can also confirm that the game will have a heavy emphasis on stealth, another concept that Ghost of Tsushima players are probably quite familiar with. Sucker Punch revealed that Ghost of Tsushima had exceeded 8 million copies sold in January.

Encounter Designer Responsibilities

  • Deliver interesting and varied encounters in an open world game, with a particular focus on melee combat and stealth.
  • Use your Level Design or Layout skills to further enhance gameplay experience
  • Collaborate effectively with our other teams—code, art, animation, sound, visual effects
  • Provide crisp feedback to quickly iterate on concepts, proposing solutions as well as criticisms.
  • Work with systems and content designers to balance and tune encounters throughout the game.
  • Contribute to the overall game design, leveraging your unique perspective to help create the best possible player experience.
  • Continuously strive to push the quality bar higher.

Do you live to create challenges for players that push them to the limit of their skills? Do you obsess over the perfect enemy composition to match an environment? Do you have a passion to work with a team to create, tune and iterate on the combat gameplay loop?

If so, we are looking for an Encounter Designer who knows how to meld interesting layouts and challenging enemies into compelling game encounters. If you have shipped an action or stealth title where you helped make awesome gameplay, please send us your resume.

Source: Sucker Punch

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