EVGA to Discontinue Pending Queue Orders for GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

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Image: EVGA

EVGA will be discontinuing its pending queue orders for GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards due to the current state of the GPU market, a seemingly positive and rapidly improving one that is seeing increased inventory of items that, not too long ago, seemed impossible to find (or at sane prices). This has been confirmed by an email that EVGA began sending out to its customers yesterday, which explains how the company now has “sufficient” GeForce RTX 30 Series stock and will begin removing all pending queue notifications on June 23, 2022. Anyone who had previously used EVGA’s queue system to sign up for a chance to get one of NVIDIA’s newer graphics cards should expect this message in their inbox. A cursory search of EVGA’s listings suggests that most models are still selling for high prices, with no graphics cards available for purchase at MSRP.

Image: EVGA

Now that EVGA has sufficient stock on 30 series at EVGA.com and at ETAIL/RETAIL partners, starting June 23th 2022, all pending queue notifies on EVGA PN: 10G-P5-3895-KR will be removed and the product will be made available for purchase as supply continues to arrive.

You can see all in-stock 30 Series availability at any time by visiting here. The EVGA Queue system will continue to be in place for high demand products.

You are receiving this message because you previously signed up for our notification queue on our US/Canada webstore to be notified when 10G-P5-3895-KR is available to purchase or for changes to its availability status.

Source: EVGA

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