Intel Z790 and H770 Series Motherboards Will Include DDR4 Models, according to ASRock Leak

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Image: ASRock

Enthusiasts who plan to upgrade to Intel’s Z790 and H770 Series motherboards for 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” processors will be able to choose between DDR5 or DDR4 versions for select models, according to a leaked list of ASRock’s upcoming motherboards that can confirm the development of various options that are designed with either current- or last-generation memory in mind. Among the models from ASRock listed with support for DDR4 memory include the H770 PG Lightning, Z790 PG Lightning, and Z790 Pro RS, all of which will be complemented by similar counterparts that instead take DDR5 RAM. Intel previously confirmed that its 13th Gen Core processors would support DDR4 memory, but it wasn’t until now that there was better indication of the next generation of premium motherboards supporting older memory. Raptor Lake CPUs are expected to hit shelves later this year.

Image: VideoCardz

Intel Raptor Lake CPUs are set to launch between Q3 and Q4 this year. These are upgraded Intel 7 processors with increased Efficient core count to 16. What this means is that Raptor Lake CPUs will have twice the number of Gracemont (small) cores compared to Alder Lake. Furthermore, enhancements to overclocking are among the listed features.

The 13th Gen Core CPUs will be compatible with Alder Lake systems and vice versa. Intel is yet to confirm the exact benefits of 700-series chipsets over the current generation. These motherboards will compete against AMD X670(E)/B650 series ready for next-gen Zen4 Ryzen processors.

Source: VideoCardz

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