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NZXT has officially entered the thermal paste market with its high-performance thermal paste, a new option from the hardware manufacturer that expands its relatively short list of PC accessories beyond riser cables, mouse pads, pucks, and vertical GPU mounting kits. A list of specifications shared by NZXT can confirm that its thermal paste offers a thermal conductivity rating of 6.3 W/m-k and comprises zinc oxide, liquid polymer, and aluminium as its materials. NZXT’s high-performance thermal paste is available today through its online store in 3-gram ($9.99) and 15-gram ($19.99) options. Complementing its launch is another option from Alphacool, which began offering a new Apex-branded thermal grease today that features a thermal conductivity rating of 17 W/mk.

NZXT High-performance thermal paste combines thermal conductivity, easy application, and long-term stability to ensure maximum heat transfer when cooling any build.

Excellent thermal conductivity performance
Non-electrically conductive and non-curing which prevents short-circuiting
Easy to apply and clean
Versatile uses (CPU, GPU)
Long life span (Shelf life 3 years)

Source: NZXT

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  1. Just another one that pretty much functions like the rest. I have never really seen much difference in paste to make me stick with one brand or another.

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