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Samsung’s Odyssey Ark gaming monitor will be available for purchase starting in August, according to a new report from Korean outlet ETNews. Originally announced in January during CES, this is a big display that leverages a 55-inch curved (1000R) 4K panel, one that can be used in either horizontal or vertical orientations thanks to its special height-adjustable stand with pivot and tilt functionality, making it an interesting choice for usage scenarios that include portrait viewing and vertical arcade shooters. Samsung’s Odyssey Ark gaming monitor also features a wireless dial controller that users can use to manage its lighting and interface. There’s no indication of how much the Odyssey Ark will cost, but Samsung recently launched its Odyssey Neo G8, the world’s first 240 Hz 4K gaming monitor, for $1,500.

Image: Samsung

According to the National Radio Research Institute and the Korea Energy Agency, Odyssey Arc has recently obtained radio wave certification and completed preparations for release by reporting it to the standby power reduction program. Samsung Electronics will produce the Odyssey Arc, which has completed the pre-launch stage, and introduce it to markets such as North America and Korea in August. First unveiled at CES 2022 in January, the Odyssey Arc is a next-generation premium gaming monitor. It is a curved form with a 55-inch rotating display and 1000R curvature, with 4K resolution applied with quantum mini light emitting diodes (LED). The Odyssey Arc is larger than the 49-inch ‘Odyssey Neo G9’, which has been evaluated as ‘the best monitor in existence’.

Source: ETNews

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