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AMD has launched its FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 (FSR 2.0) Unreal Engine Plugin, allowing game developers to easily integrate the cutting-edge upscaling technology into titles built on the latest iterations of the hugely popular game engine. An update to AMD’s official GPUOpen page can confirm the release of the plugin, which details the setup and installation procedure for Unreal Engine users. The FSR 2.0 plugin is intended for Unreal Engine 4.26.2 or later, while the FSR2MovieRenderPipeline plugin is intended for Unreal Engine 4.27.2 or later. Both are also supported in Unreal Engine 5. Epic Games first unveiled Unreal Engine 5 in 2020, teasing an engine that leveraged next-gen features such as Nanite for massive increases in geometric detail and Lumen for fully dynamic global lighting. Some of the games that are currently in development on Unreal Engine 5 include Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) is our open source temporal upscaling solution. FSR 2 uses cutting-edge temporal algorithms to reconstruct fine geometric and texture detail, producing anti-aliased output from aliased input.

This package also includes the FSR2MovieRenderPipeline plugin which enables use of FSR 2 to accelerate rendering when using the Unreal Movie Render Queue.

Source: AMD GPUOpen

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