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Sega has announced the Cyber Stick, a ¥19,800 (~$150) analog controller that will complement the release of the company’s recently unveiled Mega Drive Mini 2 console. A modern version of the CZ-8NJ2 controller that was originally introduced by Sharp in the early ’90s, Sega’s updated Cyber Stick features a USB connection and comprises a joystick, throttle, and various other controls, input options that should make Afterburner II and other classics built into the Mega Drive Mini 2 an even bigger blast to play. Sega’s USB Cyber Stick is scheduled to release on October 27 on the same day as its new mini console, which will cost ¥9,980 (~$75). Twenty-two games for the Mega Drive Mini 2 have been announced thus far, including Outrun, Ninja Warriors, and Splatterhouse Part 2. Additional images of the Cyber Stick can be found at the Sega Store, which has clarified that the replica won’t work with the X68000, the 1987 home computer by Sharp that the peripheral was originally made to support.

Image: Sega

This product is a reprint of the analog-compatible intelligent controller “Cyber ​​Stick” released by [Sharp] in 1990 with a USB connection after 30 years. As the only analog controller peripheral device in “Mega Drive Mini 2”, you can enjoy the recorded compatible shooting games as if you were in an arcade.

The “Cyber ​​Stick” is equipped with an analog stick with 256 levels of front, back, left and right, and a throttle. Three trigger buttons are placed on the main body panel, and trigger buttons corresponding to the stick and throttle are arranged, so you can enjoy the game like a cockpit. As with the original version, the stick and throttle can be swapped left and right, so you can play according to the game and your dominant hand.

Source: Famitsu

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