Diablo Immortal Player Spends over $15,000 to Obtain 5-Star Legendary Gem

Image: Blizzard

A Diablo Immortal player named Quin had to spend over $15,000 before getting their first 5-star legendary gem in the game. There are other means of getting these legendary gems, including selling of other gems, using accumulated in-game currency, or using Legendary Crests & Eternal Orbs in Elder Rifts. Diablo Immortal continues to receive criticism over its microtransactions that have raked in over $24 million, a business model despite concerns voiced by the community. It’s been reported that players may have to spend over $110,000 just to max out a character.

Quin has certainly drawn his share of criticism throughout the experiment. His reckless spending and bursts of white-hot anger after failed drops caused many to wonder about his emotional stability. Others, even in our comments, were unhappy to see him giving Blizzard exactly what it wanted: his money. In the end, though, he proved his point. Chasing five-star Legendary Gems is a fool’s errand, a system designed to clear out bank accounts while giving very little back to the player.

Source: Kotaku

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