AMD Ryzen 7000 Series “Dragon Range” and “Phoenix” Mobile Processors Get Rumored Specifications

Image: AMD

Red Gaming Tech has shared a new video regarding AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 Series processors for mobile devices, one that includes the alleged specifications for the new Zen 4-based parts dubbed “Phoenix” and “Dragon Range.” The slides suggest that there will be at least four Dragon Range models, comprising the Ryzen 9 7980HX, Ryzen 9 7900HX, Ryzen 7 7800HX, and Ryzen 5 7600HX. The flagship part will supposedly “rip through content creation and professional workloads easily” thanks to its specifications, which are said to include 16 cores and boost frequencies of over 5 GHz—an exciting level of performance that AMD has already teased for its Zen 4-based desktop counterparts. Dragon Range will be complemented by Phoenix, a family of mobile CPUs that will boast fewer cores but leverage a chiplet design for a level of performance that enables them to “rip through games at 1080p fairly easily.” They are led by the Ryzen 9 7980HS, an 8-core chip with an iGPU that is expected to compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3060 mobile.

In this EXCLUSIVE, we discuss how AMD will DOMINATE mobile (laptops, notebooks and ultrathin) with their Ryzen Phoenix and Dragon Range APUs. We have exclusive info on the specs and performance for both AMD Phoenix APU and AMD Dragon Range APU. We go into the clock speeds, core count, TDP and WAY MORE. But just how will Phoenix and Dragon Range do in gaming performance?

With Zen 4 desktop primed to be a MONSTER of gaming and workload performance, Ryzen processors have been dominating the desktop and HEDT for some time, and it seems they are keen to spread that dominant position to MOBILE with Phoenix and Dragon Range.

We also have exclusive info on Mendocino, and Zen 4 V Cache for MOBILE and their plans for V-Cache on laptop SKUs in general.

Source: RedGamingTech

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