Blade Runner Classic Now Included with Enhanced Edition on Steam following Controversy

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The classic version of Blade Runner is now available on Steam as part of the Enhanced Edition release, a positive bit of news for fans who picked up Nightdive Studios’ new “remastering” of Westwood Studios’ 1997 point-and-click classic but were shocked to find what has been alleged to be a disastrous port with all sorts of graphics problems. Nightdive Studios co-founder Daniel Grayshon confirmed the news in an official blog post on Steam, explaining how the original Blade Runner, titled Blade Runner Classic, is now included as a free download. Grayshon also mentioned that Nightdive has seen all of the feedback regarding its work on the Enhanced Edition and will be releasing an official patch as soon as it can, something that will hopefully fix the majority of problems that players have been complaining about in the updated release. These include blurry backgrounds, cutscenes that no longer look cinematic due to an increase in frame rate, and controversial font choices. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has a “mostly negative” label on Steam.

The original Blade Runner, titled Blade Runner Classic, is now available to play with the Enhanced Edition. The free update will be downloaded automatically and when you start Blade Runner through Steam, you’ll be given a choice of launching the Enhanced Edition, or the Classic version.

There is also an option to play Blade Runner with some restored content that was left unused from the original game. Both of these classic versions are powered by the ScummVM project. You can check out their website here –

English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages are included. You can right-click on the game, go to its properties, and in the Language section, you can choose the language you want to play. Changing language this way will not affect the Enhanced Edition’s selected language. Please restart Steam to get the update.

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