Intel Arc A380 Gets Official 1080p Gaming Benchmarks, Falls Behind GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 6400 in Many Titles

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Intel has shared official gaming benchmarks for its Arc A380 graphics card, giving an in-house idea of how its first Arc Alchemist product for desktops should compare to alternatives that include the GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 6400. Unfortunately for Intel, even the company’s own numbers show the Arc A380 falling behind the competition in the majority of 17 titles tested, which include modern hits such as Control, Battlefield V, Hitman 3, Age of Empires 4, and GTA V. Intel’s Arc A380 is outperformed by the GeForce GTX 1650 and Radeon RX 6400 in all of these games, according to Intel’s own tests that measured each title at 1080p resolution under medium quality settings. Intel launched its Arc A380 graphics cards in China on June 15 at an MSRP of ~$150. The flagship model is believed to be the Arc A770, which is said to count an ACM-G10 GPU, 32 Xe Cores, and 16 GB of GDDR6 memory among its specifications.

Image: Intel

All of the testing in the official benchmarks was done using an Intel Core i5 12600k with 32 GB of 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM and Windows 11 OS and a 4TB NVME SSD. Only the GPUs, ie the GTX 1650, RX 6400 and Intel Arc A380 were swapped between them. Testing was conducted almost a month back so its worth noting that driver performance would almost certainly have increased during this time.

The Intel Arc A380 graphics card is built on the TSMC N6 process and is the company’s first discrete graphics card launch. The actual Chinese MSRP of the GPU is 880 Yuan but after VAT (17%) it comes out to almost 1030 Yuan. That said – we expect the US MSRP to be closer to the post-VAT pricing in Yuan rather than the pre-VAT pricing. It has 1024 FP32 cores (each Xe core has 128 FP32 cores) and 6GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 16Gbps. Mated to a 96-bit bus width, this results in a bandwidth of 192 GB/s – more than enough for a card of its class. The TBP of the GPU is configurable between 75W to 87W with the clock speed correspondingly configurable between 2 GHz to 2.35 GHz.

Source: Wccftech

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