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A NexusMods contributor going by xilamonstrr has released a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds 16K-resolution dragon textures to the game, a relevant update for fans who are seeking to future-proof Bethesda’s beloved fantasy RPG, or, considering its numerous re-releases, staying ahead of whatever special editions the developer inevitably has planned for the near and far-off future. Some Skyrim players might be wondering why they would need dragon textures in such a high resolution, so xilamonstrr has taken the time to justify the mod, explaining that they’re necessary due to the immense size of the creatures in the game: “If you are fighting a dragon up close and want to see it in 4K resolution, then you need the dragon to be in 16K,” the modder writes. Xilamonstrr mod comprises a 16K and 8K Dragon Replacer Pack, both of which can be installed manually or through NexusMods’ mod manager. The textures are upscales of the “HD dragon replacer pack” and “new dragon species” mods that were originally created for Skyrim by another modder named Bellyache.

Image: xilamonstrr

Dragons look fine from a distance but fairly awful up close. Bellyache & I wanted to fix that. What started as a re-work of Odahviing turned into a full pass on each of the ten dragon species. The amount of changes on each dragon type varies, with some needing more work than others. Regardless Bellyache & I visually inspected each texture/mesh and corrected as much as we could within a timely manner. At least without completely re-working the entire thing from scratch.

Source: NexusMods

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