Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Ride Keeps Breaking Down, with Some Guests Claiming They’ve Been Evacuated Three Times in One Day

Image: Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is supposed to be the most technologically advanced ride that Disneyland visitors can experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but it keeps breaking down, according to a recent story from SFGATE. The report claims that the ride can sometimes break down “multiple times a day” and “often for long stretches,” allegations that have been prompted by various posters on the Disneyland subreddit who have been complaining about their experiences. One visitor who presumably didn’t have the greatest time claims that he tried the ride three times in a single day but was evacuated every single time. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance lasts for 28 minutes (or, at least, attempts to) and features hundreds of animated objects. Visitors can pay $20 for Lightning Tickets, a premium ticket that provides access to a separate, shorter line.

“I wonder if it will ever get to a point where this is not the norm,” a redditor responded. “It’s an awesome ride so I hope so.”

“At least you made it on,” replied another. “We tried several times today and each time it went down before we could even get to the line. It was not having a good day today.”

“This is my nightmare,” another said, “to spend $20 for LL and to not actually get the full ride experience.”

These frequent breakdowns cause problems with Rise for several reasons. First, the ride has shorter hours than most other attractions at Disneyland, closing at 9 p.m. even on nights the park stays open until midnight. Second, the ride offers Individual Lightning Lane tickets that cost up to $20 per person, which sell out almost immediately when they become available for the day. When the ride breaks down, everyone who has been waiting in line loses they time they’ve already spent. Thrill Data, which tracks theme park stats, puts the historical wait time average for Rise at 105 minutes.

Source: SFGATE

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