AMD Releases Ryzen Chipset Driver, Includes Official USB4 Support

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AMD has released Ryzen Chipset Driver with support for various processors and their associated platforms, including premium AM4 chipsets (X570) and third-generation Threadripper (TRX40). The new driver includes at least three improvements, including the addition of new program support, six new drivers (e.g., AMD Wireless Button Driver and AMD USB4 CM Driver), and a fix in which users will no longer see an incorrect pop-up message when launching the installer and clicking the UI screen. A direct link to the AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver for Windows 10 and Windows 11 64-bit systems can be found here.

Release Highlights

  • New program support added.
  • Six new drivers added.
  • Fixed pop-up message “AMD Chipset Software is not responding” when the installer is launched and UI screen is clicked.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes custom install fails to upgrade to latest drivers.
  • Text alignment issues may be seen on Russian language.
  • Manual system restart required on Non-English OS after the installation is complete.
  • Windows Installer pop-up message may appear during the installation.
  • Uninstall summary log may incorrectly show uninstall status as fail on non-English OS.

In most cases, the simple process of installing or upgrading the AMD Ryzen chipset drivers can be completed without issues. However, if there have been recent changes to your system hardware configuration or the currently installed chipset drivers are extremely outdated, then it is recommended to uninstall the existing chipset drivers before installing the new package. Performing the uninstall ensures a clean system and can help reduce issues or conflicts which may occur with the new installation.

Source: AMD

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