Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones Releasing This November, according to Xbox Store Listings

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Skull & Bones will finally be released on November 8, 2022, according to new Xbox Store listings that have been previewed by Aggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian website that has had a reputation of sharing listings on Microsoft’s stores before they’ve gone official. One tweet can seemingly confirm what the long-gestating pirate game from Ubisoft will ship with, including pre-order bonuses that include a Blood Bones’ Legacy Mission, Smuggler Pass Token, and a digital soundtrack and artbook. Skull & Bones has become one of Ubisoft’s more infamous projects due to its extensive development process, which reportedly began nearly a decade ago in 2013 and was inspired by older Assassin’s Creed games such as Black Flag. The last substantial update that Ubisoft provided regarding the game appears to be from September 2020, an article that was written to assure followers that the project hadn’t been canceled and that the team simply needed more time to bring its ideas to life. An insider program has been launched for those who would like to sign up for a chance to join future test phases.

First and foremost, thank you to our fans for showing tremendous patience. We know you’ve been waiting for news, so I’m thrilled to confirm this: production on Skull & Bones has been in full swing with a new vision. Our teams at Ubisoft Singapore are fully committed to launching the game, as well as supporting it for many years to come. While our game won’t be present at Ubisoft Forward on September 10, we’re currently working on plans to present Skull & Bones sometime in the future. It will be worth the wait.

Many of you have been wondering why we’ve had to postpone our launch. The answer is that we simply needed more time. We dreamt something bigger for Skull & Bones, and these ambitions naturally came with bigger challenges.

These difficulties resulted in necessary delays for our game. Critical questions needed to be addressed over the past several months such as: how do we modernize the classic pirate fantasy? How do we ensure a more immersive and visceral experience? How do we create cool and memorable moments in-game? For most of these questions to be answered, it was clear that we needed more development time.

Source: Aggiornamenti Lumia

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