Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Beta Launches Next Week with Up to Four Players

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Image: 343 Industries

343 Industries has announced that it will be launching its campaign network co-op preview for Halo Infinite next week, allowing Halo Insiders to test out the long-anticipated feature that enables players to join up online and tackle the sci-shooter’s story mode in a powerful team of up to four Spartans. The test will take place as part of an upcoming flight that is targeted to run from the week of July 11, according to an article shared today by community writer Alex Wakeford, which includes extensive comments by Isaac Bender (Principal Software Engineering Lead) and John Mulkey (Lead World Designer), both of whom discuss some of the challenges that they faced during the development process and what players can expect from the new mode when it arrives in an official capacity. Some of the more notable features include progression between solo campaigns and co-op sessions, something that 343 has dubbed “No Spartan Left Behind,” and full crossplay support, allowing Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players to team up with one another. An Area-of-Operations mechanic has also been implemented to ensure that players don’t stray too far apart. Halo Infinite’s Campaign Co-Op Beta will be open to anyone who owns the campaign or has an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, but players can’t use pre-existing saves and must start fresh with a new campaign test build.

Image: 343 Industries

I could be playing Solo campaign, jump into a Co-Op session for a few hours, then launch back into Solo play and all the mission progress, acquired collectibles, equipment found, achievements earned, and upgrades made in either session would be intact. Gone are the days of playing someone else’s game while earning no progress.

The way we are handling this is through something we internally refer to as “No Spartan Left Behind”. When players join the Fireteam and choose their save slots to play on, the game aggregates the states of all missions across those saves and sets up a world state in which any missions completed by all Fireteam members are marked as complete while any missions not completed by all are marked as incomplete.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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