Google Hangouts Will Be Discontinued in November 2022

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Hangouts will be discontinued in November 2022, according to a new post that Google shared on its Keyword blog last week that encourages mobile users who are still using the older instant messaging app to switch to Google Chat, a replacement for Hangouts Chat that features not only direct messaging and group chat, but a number of advanced features. These include Spaces, a “dedicated place for topic-based collaboration” that allows teams to more easily share ideas and manage their work, as well as chat bots and more powerful ways to search. A new integrated view in Gmail also makes Google Chat easy to access and use through Google’s popular email app. Mobile users should see a screen asking them to upgrade from Hangouts to Chat in Gmail or the Chat app in the days ahead, assuming that they haven’t already. Google Hangouts had already been discontinued for Workspace users in February.

Image: Google

While we encourage everyone to make the switch to Chat, Hangouts on the web will continue to be available until later this year. Users will see an in-product notice at least a month before Hangouts on the web starts redirecting to Chat on the web.

For most people, conversations are automatically migrated from Hangouts to Chat, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off. However, we encourage users who wish to keep a copy of their Hangouts data to use Google Takeout to download their data before Hangouts is no longer available in November 2022 by following these instructions. You can visit the Help Center for more information on the differences between Chat and Hangouts, the migration timelines, and why we recommend downloading your Hangouts data.

Source: Google

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